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Posted 1 year ago

Another AMAZING review!

Can’t believe these guys describe us as one of the highlights of the festival!! Thank youuuu xx

Posted 1 year ago

BBC - Blogs - Across the line - Glasgowbury 2013, what happened!

Check out what the awesome folk at ATL had to say about our performance at Glasgowbury!!

We’re pretty happy with this! X)

Posted 1 year ago

Wyldling at Glasgowbury.

Posted 1 year ago

Wyldling at Glasgowbury

Posted 1 year ago

Some pics from Glasgowbury!

More to follow! X)

Posted 1 year ago

Intermission and Wyldling come together in this tasty summer blues version of ‘Let Go’ (acoustic)!!

Hope you like it!! :)

Posted 1 year ago

We perform ‘Creep’ LIVE at the Cellar Bar, Draperstown.

Posted 1 year ago

We perform ‘Marionette’ LIVE at the Cellar Bar, Draperstown.

Posted 1 year ago

And if you can’t be bothered with a 13 minute video sure you can check out this EXCLUSIVE video of ‘Creep’!!

You won’t find this song ANYWHERE else online, first time we’ve ever posted it publicly! x)

Posted 1 year ago

Awk there’s our Rig sy ( Across The Line ) representing for the musical massive of Derry in the Daily Mirror!

Gives us a wee mention too, HUGELY grateful.

Thanks for making a stand for NI dude. We know it’s not the first time, and hopefully not the last. We love ya for it  RESPECT. 

Posted 1 year ago

Another NEW TUNE from us! :)

Hope you like it!

Posted 1 year ago

Sorry for only getting round to this but in the spirit of the new year and our first year as Wyldling we have a few THANK YOU’s to express! :)

Link Music Academy for giving us a home. Laney Amplification for your belief in us ♥ ! Keith Rutherford PhotographyBigBad Llama Jarayd Fee Stylist for your immense talent in photos and videos! Thank you!

Joe Carlin, Edwin Mcfee, Pastie Bap, The Don,Mental Deficiency, Dot, Lady Obscure, Mike Distras, Roops & Ian Patrick Roe for seeing something in us and for your support and opportunities. Thank you!

Thank you also to Across The Line including Paul, Rigsy & Phil; Sunset Island Music; and James & Neal at Blast 106 for your support and allowing us to grace your airwaves!

A thank you to the Nerve Centre, every venue, promoter and band that has booked us and of course to every liker who has bought/viewed/played our music, commented on our page and/or has shared our existence with your friends. Without whom our first year could never have been so fabulous! ♥

We’d also like to thank our families and other halves for your love and encouragement and for putting up with our LOUDNESS when practicing/recording ;)

And FINALLY, since I’m (Jilly) typing this up I’d like to thank Glenn, Kirby and Phil for everything this last year, thank you for making it happen BIG LOVE *soppy bit over lol*

If we’ve forgotten anyone, you’re not forgotten ;) we thank you too ♥

May you all find much love, happiness and prosperity in 2013! Here’s to making dreams reality :) ♥

Posted 1 year ago

I’m back with our THIRD PLACE FINALIST and the only solo and acoustic act of the evening at the ‘T Play Off’ BOTB’s at the Bound Forboston last week!

Allow me to present to you the wonderfully honest (in sound and lyrical content) and soulful Susie-Blue. « Like her page!

This lady is a very recent addition to our scene, but don’t be fooled she’s been working the circuit for some time before deciding to make the step towards an original artist!

Everytime I see/hear her she grows! She’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

Check out her debut and very recent release too linked! And/or download it here

Posted 1 year ago

Our home dates this Christmas!! :)

Visit our page for up to date posts! Just click the pic!  

Posted 1 year ago

THEE only place to be this Boxing Day in Derry!

Get your tickets NOW from Masons Bar!

They’re going FAST!