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Posted 1 year ago

Some pics from Glasgowbury!

More to follow! X)

Posted 1 year ago

We perform ‘Let Go’ LIVE at the Cellar Bar, Draperstown.

Posted 1 year ago

We perform ‘Marionette’ LIVE at the Cellar Bar, Draperstown.

Posted 1 year ago

Or watch on Youtube!

Posted 1 year ago


Our live performances at BBC Introducing and 1 Big Weekend here

Posted 1 year ago

From our gig with the Red Velvetines on 10th May 2013 at Masons!

Courtesy of Tara McGinley 

Posted 1 year ago

Our appearance at Greenroom Live, Letterkenny!

Had a fabulous time, we will definitely be back here!

Posted 1 year ago

rare full band shot courtesy of the rawkin Ciara McMullan Photography!!

Link Academy Fundraiser, Sandinos/Derry.

15th March 2013

Posted 1 year ago

Wyldling at Link Academy Fundraiser, Sandinos, Derry.

15th March 2013

Taken by GC Photographics ♥

Posted 1 year ago

Holy shit! 

Check this out! x) PURE BUZZIN! ♥

Posted 1 year ago

The love in the Back Room at Sandinos Bar was immense! x)

MEGA LOVE to all who attended! :)

Many thanks to the The Wood Burning Savages for having us, you guys were awesome last night! And of course to Conor O’Kane (outstanding) and the Gatefolds (rawkin mclaughlin)!!

Speaking of McLaughlin check out this mix where a preview of my forthcoming collaboration release with Sirkus Sirkuz (aka Decky McLaughlin of Japstars fame) is included as a remix!

You can hear the snippet between 44m10secs and 45m 20secs, though I recommend the full mix for a sunny Saturday afternoon! 

Comment under here and tell us what ya think! EXCITING STUFF! ♥

Posted 1 year ago

Gah March! That means SPRING!

Put a SPRING (see what I did there) in your step with this here wee gig!

It’ll set you up for that looming festival season!!!! ;) heehee

For full details, see this Facebook event!

Come celebrate with Derry’s favourite square wave orchestra, The Wood Burning Savages & Friends as they birth their debut EP!

Support on the night comes from:

THE GATEFOLDS: The city’s newest beat combo forged from members of cult bands Bam Bam & The Calling, Cuckoo and Mars Field. A thunderous rhythm section and finely woven twin guitar tapestry that’ll have your body shaking like you’re made of jelly.

WYLDLING: Electronic rock with hypnotic riffs and hooks aplenty. Lead by local live wire Jilly St. John, with the blistering guitar work of Glenn Rosborough, an energetic performance is thier business and business is booming!

CONOR O’KANE: All round renaissance man, poet, horticulturalist, singer, mandolinist, banjo player and guitarist. With wit sharper than a set of secateurs and instrumental deftness by the truckload come witness Derry’s own bard.

Posted 1 year ago


Wasn’t sure if we were allowed to share this but I see other acts are annoucing sooo…

VERY honoured to have been confirmed to take part in OTHER VOICES supported by City of Culture 2013!! :D

Posted 1 year ago
Check out the gaddam BOSS pictures from New Years Eve!

GC Photographics you are IMMENSE! :)
Posted 1 year ago

Our home dates this Christmas!! :)

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